To welcome all on a spiritual journey based on LOVE, a deeper understanding of the Bible's
and a new passion for CREATION.

This mission expresses the key values and beliefs we hold true:

  • by "welcoming all" we affirm and include all people - this is a good, safe place for everyone and where everyone has a place within,
  • "a spiritual journey" provides the understanding that spirituality as a process - universal to all, a life-long path, and yet individual and personal to each,
  • "based on love" our belief is that God is Love - therefore, Love is the truth and source of all things, including ourselves, and that, being Love, God honours our freedom to respond and grow in that Love,
  • "a deeper understanding of the Bible's WISDOM" allows us to proclaim our Swedenborgian teachings that reveal God’s wisdom – the wisdom of love – hidden within the literal sense of the Word for guiding our journeys, 
  • "and a new passion for all CREATION" directs us to seek those ways of purpose – our commitment to give our whole self, heart and soul, to the healing, celebrating and building of a New World. 

We have intentionally capitalized the key words LOVE, WISDOM and CREATION. These are the three pillars on which our church stands. As Swedenborgians, we are free to LOVE (because God is love), WISDOM (guided by the deeper wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible) and CREATION-CENTRED (of use as channels of God’s Spirit, loving the world into a whole, new Creation).

Or, to make it as “short and sweet” as possible (!), we also say this about what is means for us to follow Jesus on this path:

Learning to give the first place to Love.”

Learning to give the first place to Love, in thought, word and deed, is what the life of “regeneration”, of being re-born in the Spirit, is all about.

But to really understand all this, find out more about Emanuel Swedenborg and Our Beliefs.