Church of the Good Shepherd Sermons

What is the Bible — Lecture Series.

What is the Bible? The easy answer is that it is the collection of 66 books or portions that are in the book we call the Bible. Well, not so easy since some Bibles have 73 books or portions, and a few have even more . . . Then again there have been Bibles in the past with far fewer – like Marcion, a lay person who lived from around 85 to around 160. He had only 11 books in his Bible.

The children’s song we sometimes sing says, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” But many Christians put all kinds of conditions on that love, claiming to find them in the Bible too.

Is there nothing easy about understanding the Bible? This Sunday we begin to try to understand “What is the Bible?” by looking at the Bible itself for guidance.

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What is the Bible — message 1. Dave Rogalsky Sept 23 2018
A history, a source of inspiration, and a source of materials for study.

What is the Bible — message 2. Dave Rogalsky Oct 14 2018
Creation, Law and the Prophets

What is the Bible — message 3. Dave Rogalsky Oct 21 2018
Contrasting messages — What is God saying to us today?

What is the Bible — message 4. Dave Rogalsky Nov 4 2018
The New Testament and Jesus. What did Jesus have to say to this conversation?

What is the Bible — Message 5. Dave Rogalsky Nov 11, 2018 Jesus’ message was one of growing inclusion and acceptance of all people.